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Daily Gratitude Journal

Today I am grateful for: Support.

Corey is quite possibly the most supportive man on earth. Well to me at least. He's been so helpful and happy so far throughout this process. Texting me happy messages, making me dinner last night when I got home at 9pm. Tucking me in early to help rid of my migraine and wake up at 6:30. (Even though I didn't have too >.<) I'm a very lucky girl.

Daily Gratitude Journal

Today I am grateful for: A night off work tomorrow!

I shouldn't be so grateful to not work all the time, but honestly, not having enough patients came at the perfect time. Now I can switch my schedule around tomorrow instead of thursday. By the time Friday comes around I'll be on a normal person sleep schedule for YTT! EEP! Friday! I'm so excited for this. ;)

Dear self: please remember this.

Daily Gratitude Journal

Today I am grateful for: Changing perspective

Every once and a while I get a little down on my body. Last year I started a pretty serious regimen of cardio and strength training (via dvd of course) With Insanity cardio dvds (given to me by Corey), then Jillian Michaels dvds, and Bob Harper (my favorite) dvds. I used to do Bob Harper's "Warrior Yoga" dvd on my "off" days. I didn't consider it enough of a workout. Well since late November I've been doing Daily yoga dvds (Rodney Yee, Yogaworks, Jillian and Bob) and I LOVE it. I'm so much happier doing yoga daily but unfortunately unless I'm attempting arm balances I dont feel I'm getting that workout that I was getting. I hated that workout. I stressed every morning until I finished it and then I could finally start my day. But I was starting to feel really great about my body. Now that I've stopped those workouts I notice some extra jiggling and squishiness that drives me crazy.

I was so upset today thinking I had to choose between happiness with daily yoga or happiness with my body and hatred with my workout.

After finally expressing all of this to Corey (I get worried when I show him how self concious I really can be sometimes) he reassured me that my body is sexy. That we just weren't being as healthy as usual and we can eat better. He's a physical trainer, so of course he suggested I run sprints with him when it's not snowing out. I'm nervous too but I like running fast for short distances. Long distance running, not so much. But I think I really wanna try that. A couple days of sprints are easy to fit in with my yoga practice, especially on my days off. Plus I promised myself I would do more of my "yoga burn" series with Rodney Yee and less of my easier flow yoga dvds. (No matter how relaxing they may be.) I have to start my Body Love journey now. So by festival season I will be happy and proud in my skimpy summer clothes. (Which seems to happen every year by the time it comes around anyway) ;)

Daily Gratitude Journal

Today I am grateful for: Friends with technical skills!

The fog has been lifted!! After so much stress with my old wireless router and buying a new one today, I FINALLY got the internet working and connected to my xbox. What a pain! After some frantic calls to our friend Ian, we finally figured out the problem to be something pretty simple. Luckily Ian takes payment in my famous brownies ;) He deserves them!

Daily Gratitude Journal

Today I am grateful for: Snow days!

Yoga classes were cancelled and I was pretty much snowed in but I really like having a snow day inside a warm house (with good food see: previous entry ;) it makes me feel like school was cancelled and I get a day to just relax. Hot chocolate and movies all around :)

Daily Gratitude Journal

Today I am grateful for: my favorite foods in the house :)

Simple pleasures :) Received my paycheck today and for the first time this month I have a little extra money! Meaning i get extra tasty healthy foods. Or not healthy. Like fig newtons (but I bought the whole grain ones!) Or like hillside ice cream >.> BUT the rest (salmons, edamame!, chicken, salad stuffs, wild grain rice etc.) for our super healthy dinners. Very happy, well fed girl!

Daily Gratitude Journal

Today I am grateful for: A nice day off

Every Thursday, I come home from work at 7am and sleep until 12 or 1pm. This keeps me tired enough to fall asleep at night with Corey and switch my schedule around. Sometimes it can be a hectic or grumpy day but today was nice and relaxed. Despite being poor until tomorrow. Corey and our roommate Jared bought us all pizza from Grotto for dinner and we caught up on watching Terranova on Hulu. It was simple and nice. What a like after my 3 day work week. :)

Daily Gratitude Journal

Today I am grateful for: New chapters

Corey and I have turned a corner in a relationship and I feel I can really grow from this. I love him very much and I want to be able to love and trust him but after this past weekend it's going to take time. Getting everything out in the open was a really good step towards positivity. My mind and heart feel lighter and happier knowing now that he is going to make an effort for me, for us. Peacefulness is all I ask for.

Daily Gratitude Journal

Today I am grateful for: Loving acceptance

After yesterday's short emotional turmoil, I had too much time today to think it over. I am grateful for Corey's acceptance of my emotions, knowing that it's going to take a little time for my heart to be at peace. His acceptance and very loving nature gives me hope for our future.